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Rockwall Plaza, Off Fidel Odinga Rd, Nyali

Prime Beach Hotel


The plot is developed with a Beach Hotel with a total of 84 rooms with modest facilities and services. The total built-up area is about 95,000 sq ft, approximately.

The developments include Main Hotel Block, Conference Halls, Rooms Blocks and other assorted ancillary developments which include Resort Manager’s House, Senior Staff Houses, and Owner’s House, among others.

The hotel has large land cartilage of about 41 acres. The improvements stand on about 15 acres fronting the sea and a playground on about 4 acres near the road. The rest has natural vegetation.

This is a regular shaped, mixed loamy/coral soils parcel whose boundaries are partly marked by stone walls, chain link fence, hedges and open to the seashore. A portion of the parcel is fairly level while the remainder rises gently westward.

Entrance to the property is via a manned barrier, opening onto a gravelled driveway that in turn leads to a gravelled parking area. The drive also leads to the beach.

The compound has mature trees, flowerbeds, a water fountain, a fishpond, a mini golf, a football pitch and paved walkways. A large portion of the parcel is under indigenous forest cover

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